A community of mentors, coaches, and business owners from across the nation looking to give back.

About Us

We're creating a network of experts who help startups, small businesses, and nonprofits.  Our goal is to support those who are giving back by giving them the tools to help their communities. 

Our mission is to help you upskill so that you can help others do the same.  

If you're an expert, coach, advisor, economic development officer, mentor, or entrepreneurial leader, Upskillor is made to help you in your work with helping others.

What Do You Get for Joining?

1. An Easy way to Build Relationships with Other Experts

Through Upskillor, you can post articles, polls, items for discussion, upcoming events.  Further, you can discuss, learn from others, and grow your relationships.  

Our hope is that we help you:

  • Host better and more diverse experts for your next panel discussion;
  • Invite people from across the nation to your events;
  • Bring in other experts for your workshops or courses;
  • Learn about new tools, resources, and soft skills to make you a better leader.

2. A Convenient Way to Learn About New Opportunities and Communicate Them to Those You Help 

We help by curating a list of helpful items that you can send to those that you help. We provide a list of:

  • upcoming networking events
  • online and in-person trainings, and workshops
  • online tools and software for you to communicate to your clients
  • funding opportunities

3. A Way to Feature and Promote Your Work

We help you by promoting your events and services to the email list and to our network.  That way, more people know about how you're helping and have an easy to way to share it with others.  

Also, we cross-promote and feature each others' successes to grow the culture of collaboration.  

4.  A Place to Learn Skills from Others and a Way to Find the Tools that Make a Difference

There are numerous online courses, workshops, Twitter feeds, Subreddits, and other online materials out there.  Consequently, finding good content to learn from is difficult, and sometimes you need to ask others if that online guru knows what they're talking about, or if they are just really good at marketing.  Our goal is to help you find the best content - not just the first thing that comes up.  

Our experts come from multiple backgrounds and we expect that our community's content will cover:

  • Launching a new company or nonprofit
  • Prototyping a new product or service
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Marketing, Branding, Sales, and Advertising
  • Communication, Leadership, and Soft Skills
  • Managing Employees
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping 
  • E-Commerce and Website Best Practices
  • Health and Wellness for Founders and Employees
  • ...and many more.

5.  A Tool for You to Host an Online Course, Publish Events, and More.

This tool allows members to publish courses, events, and more.  If you're interested in hosting a course on this platform or doing a test run, please let us know and we'll be happy to help you run an experiment.

What's the Price?

Thanks to the support of Oregon State University Cascades Innovation Co-Lab and the supporting partners listed below, this network is free to join.

Hosts and Moderators

OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab

Opportunity Knocks

Bend Chamber of Commerce

COCC Small Business Development Center

Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council



Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator

Collective Pallet

Oregon RAIN

Oregon Bioscience Association

Email Adam Krynicki if you'd like to learn more about becoming key supporter/moderator.

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